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This is my interpretation of TANTRA’s ancient teachings to bring about the experience of new dimensions and depths of pleasure, either with a true partner or working with a non-sexual partner such as a teacher or therapist.



Your personal tantra goddess in NYC, courtesy of tantric massage

Imagine an massage from your very own tantra goddess in NYC from Sensualmassage.com.sg A massage in NYC is the perfect way to unwind after a rough day, or start your day off feeling refreshed and alive. Tantric massage is an exquisite way to release your pent up stress as well as stimulate your senses and make you tingle with excitement. Tantra bodywork at your hotel in NYC is discreet and will allow you to enjoy the privacy of your own room while surrendering yourself to the pleasures of an erotic massage. It is not easy to find tantric massage if you have no idea where to look. That’s why we at Sensual Massage are happy to make you aware of our services and the benefits that you can enjoy from your own personal tantra goddess in NYC.

Enjoy a tantric massage alone or as a couple

Experience a tantra massage that will make you feel as if all of your physical boundaries have disappeared and that will bring you in a state of ultimate pleasure and relaxation. SensualMassage has the hottest, most charming goddess at your disposal for an erotic massage in your hotel or home. In addition, massage for couples at your hotel is also possible for couples who want to spice up their love lives and ignite their sexual with an erotic couples massage. There’s no better way to relax every inch of your body and open yourself up to pleasure and fulfillment. A specially selected tantric goddess from NYC can re-ignite your relationship by showing you how to pleasure each other in ways that you have never dreamed possible. Contact Oucall Massages LLC for your own tantric massage in NYC tonight.

Fusion and transformation: Tantric massage NYC enables you to explore the wonder of your body and transforms your sexual essence. Practising physical, mental and spiritual exercises brings to you vitality, self-awareness and balance.

Relevance: TANTRA is derived from an ancient Indian philosophy, the teachings of which have much relevance to current living. It decrees that sensual joy, rather than enhanced performance techniques for men or more orgasms for women, isn’t an end in itself but a means through which you gain a profound realisation of the divine nature of existence, epitomised in the sexual act or a variation of it.

Prolong climatic achievement: By experiencing the stillness of TANTRA and learning how to stay relaxed in high states of arousal, you travel beyond normal orgasm. You prolong achieving a climax and channel, not dissipate, potent orgasmic energies within you that raise the level of your consciousness, transporting your sexuality from the plane of doing to the place of being.

Basic Concept: To bring Tantric massage into your life, it helps to understand the basic concept of the masculine and feminine principles of energy, which govern all existence. Sex is a microcosm of the laws of the universe and teaches that male and female sexual energy, when entered into with awareness, is a gateway to both sexual and spiritual ecstasy.

Honouring a woman’s sexuality: TANTRA reveres and honours feminine energy, the woman being perceived as the active principle through which the man attains sexual ecstasy and spiritual realisation. It teaches a man to honour a woman’s sexuality, surrender to its limitless power, prolong the act, retain his semen, and adopt sensual and sensitive actions to enable his woman (as part of a committed sexual relationship) to reach the heights of her sexual joy.

Energy and the Human Body

Tanric massage NYC says that the same potent energies that govern the cosmos exist within the human body, the energy body running parallel to the physical body.

There are 7 main energy centres called Chakras, windows to the mysteries of the universe and opened by practising chakra breathing. Where they are and what they influence are set out below:

  1. The right to know: the right to truth, accurate information, knowledge, and what’s going on. This includes spiritual knowledge and the right to connect with and interpret the divine as one chooses.
  2. The right to see: transgressions include being told our perception is incorrect, having things deliberately hidden from us, and having the scope of one’s vision denied.
  3. The right to speak & hear truth: be listened to, no secrets, & spoken to honestly.
  4. The right to love & be loved: freedom from prejudice, low self-esteem & violent conflict.
  5. The right to act: to be innovative and free.
  6. The right to feel: to express and understand one’s emotions, needs & wants.
  7. The right to be here: to exist, take care of ourselves, and have possessions.


Endows: Ritual is key to a TANTRIC lifestyle as it endows each event with a recognisable significance, elevating the mundane into the spiritual high ground.

Always, however, within the traditional framework of any ritual, allow yourself room to be spontaneous and inventive, remaining intuitively aware, conscious of your breathing patterns, and focussed on the spiritual being.

Mantras & Yantras: In traditional TANTRIC worship, elaborate rituals employing mystical aids such as mantras (cosmic sound vibrations invoking the energetic resonance of a chosen deity) and yantras (a geometrical representation of the manifest form of a cosmic sound vibration symbolising the body of a TANTRIC deity and inscribed on paper, metal or stone) underpin all spiritual ceremonies.

Mantras and yantras are used during TANTRIC rituals to focus the mind, induce an elevated state of consciousness, and invite the spiritual presence of the object of worship to enter into the ceremony.

Other Tantric Massage objects, such as candles, bowls, bells, shells, fruit, and flowers, have a more symbolic ritual function. In addition, colours are highly significant with red, orange and earth tones regarded as Tantric colours.

TANTRIC Union for Couples

Reverence: TANTRIC disciples took part in rites of sexual union, known as maithuna, only when they reached a high level of initiation and spiritual awareness, with TANTRIC texts referring to conjugal union only in the highest terms of reverence. Sexuality, according to TANTRA, implies conscious action and shared responsibility if it’s to be physically and spiritually meaningful. This is as relevant and true today as it’s ever been.

Established relationships: Traditionally, it wasn’t essential for sensual partners to be in established relationships. In our modern society, however, Tantric massage NYC lovemaking functions best within a committed relationship, either privately or as a couple within a group environment.

Safe sex: TANTRIC texts often refer to the mixing of body fluids, called nectar or love juices, as a potent means of harmonising male and female energies but this clearly conflicts with today’s need to practice safe sex (ie. with condoms) for anyone participating in sensual activity where the health/sensual history of either partner can’t be fully guaranteed.

Having said that, even safe sex is supremely enjoyable by the two of you breathing together, making love slowly and meditatively, and merging joyfully to ensure that your lovemaking is imbued with the spirit of Tantric massage NYC.

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